Say Goodbye To Dentures

We have good news for denture wearers. Dr. Whitlock offers a solution that provides a permanent, fixed, tooth replacement option.

Say goodbye to slurred speech, limited food choices, constant denture adjustments, and ongoing maintenance issues. Dental implants remain permanently in place and comfortable in your mouth with no additional bracing or movable structures necessary.  

Not only do dental implants deliver the ultimate in tooth replacement comfort and convenience, they also offer the following benefits…

1. Look Great

Dental implants are shaded and custom-made to fit naturally in your existing smile. They are the next best thing to real teeth. In terms of how they look and function, the only difference between your real teeth and dental implants is they're not real.

2. Provide Bite Power

Dentures deliver less than half of your natural teeth’s power, while dental implants restore your full bite force. As the naturally compatible titanium used in dental implants biologically fuses with your existing bone structure, it strengthens your jawbone and offer full bite strength throughout your life.

3. Open the Menu

No more eating restrictions. Unlike the challenges presented by removable dental prosthesis, dental implants are permanently affixed and act like normal teeth. They do not slide, shift or move at all regardless of what you choose to eat. No pain. No extra work. Eat and enjoy.

4. Last a Lifetime

Modern dental implants from Dr. Whitlock do not decay, cannot develop cavities, and are designed to last a lifetime. With regular dental visits and daily oral hygiene, implants will continue to look and act like natural, permanent, healthy teeth.

We also offer implant-retained dentures for patients who may require a different, yet still permanent and fixed tooth replacement solution. If you’d like to see if dental implants are for you, please contact the Whitlock team for a consultation.