Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

To help you achieve the confidence of a beautiful and healthy smile, Dr. Whitlock utilizes the latest innovations in cavity treatment. Tooth colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, enable you to keep the confidence of your natural smile while also offering a healthy approach to repairing damaged teeth. Whether you are having a tooth filled for the first time or replacing a traditional metal filling, tooth colored fillings present patients with a great option.   

Although most Whitlock patients prefer tooth colored fillings because of their aesthetic value; that represents only one benefit among many:

1. Blend naturally with your teeth

Because tooth colored fillings are designed specifically to match surrounding teeth, they look like part of your natural tooth. You can reveal your smile with confidence, knowing your repaired teeth blend seamlessly with your existing teeth for a silver-free smile. 

2. Better Preservation

With tooth colored fillings, Dr. Whitlock is able to preserve more of your natural tooth structure because the composite filling requires very minimal amounts of the existing tooth to be removed for placement. Preserving more of your natural tooth structure reduces the chance of the tooth being damaged again and leads to better overall dental health.

3. Reduced Sensitivity

After a short time, tooth colored fillings are no longer sensitive to hot and cold, allowing you to experience normal eating and drinking habits without discomfort. While composite fillings do not fluctuate with temperature exposure, metal fillings expand and contract relative to temperature sometimes leading to further issues.  

4. Healthy and Strong

In addition to providing strength for a structurally weakened tooth, composite fillings are completely healthy and safe. 

To experience the confidence a healthy, beautiful smile, contact the Whitlock team today.