Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Do you know someone with a beautifully white smile? Then you know a remarkable smile is hard to forget. It creates a powerful and lasting impression.

But achieving and maintaining white teeth can be a challenge. Even with daily brushing, dark liquids like coffee, tea, soda, and certain foods tend to stain teeth and dull smiles. As your smile loses its brightness, its charm diminishes. Professional whitening treatment with Dr. Whitlock will help bring out the best in your smile.

Here are some benefits of a whiter smile:

Improve Your Appearance

A brighter, whiter smile enhances your overall appearance. There’s a reason people in the spotlight flash their pearly whites. A poll of 5,000 men and women revealed that a beautiful smile was the number one attractive quality.

Discover the Fountain of Youth

Want to look and feel younger without surgery? Professional teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to turn back the clock to your younger years. In fact, Oral B research concluded that white teeth can make you look five years younger.

Boost Your Confidence

It’s not uncommon for people with yellow or stained teeth to cover their mouth when they talk or keep their mouth closed when they smile. As a result, others often perceive them as having low self-confidence. A whiter smile gives you the confidence you need to reveal your best you. 

Get The Edge

Whitened teeth portray a professional image leading to more opportunities. According to a study by Kelton Research, 65% of people with whitened teeth were thought to be more professional, 58% were more likely to be hired, and 53% received higher salary offers than those without whitened teeth.

A brighter, whiter smile can provide the edge you may be looking for in your personal and professional life. Our treatment options are simple, affordable, and proven. Contact the Whitlock team today to learn more about our professional teeth whitening options.