6 Tips to Cope with Dental Anxiety

Are you suffering from dental anxiety? Do you dread every visit to the dentist and wish you could avoid the experience altogether? We're here to give you some tips on how to cope with your dental anxiety and have a better dental experience the next time you visit.

We'll discuss what dental anxiety is, how to cope with your fears and how to have a more positive experience at the dentist in the future.

What Is Dental Phobia? 

Dental phobia, or dental anxiety, is a common emotion among adults. This dental anxiety can stem from several different reasons, such as fear of needles, drilling noises, past trauma to the head, face, or neck, or if you are prone to anxious feelings in general. Whether they’ve had a traumatic experience at the dentist in the past or not, even just thinking about the dentist can cause high stress in many adults. Statistics say that 50-80% of adults suffer from dental anxiety, and among these adults, around 20% refuse to visit the dentist altogether. If you are suffering from dental phobia, keep reading this post because we have some ideas on how to reduce and cope with your dental anxiety. 

Fear of the Dentist?

This fear of the dentist can be caused by some past negative experiences at the dentist, painful past operations, or even just the thought of a dentist visit can spark anxiety. We are giving you several tips on how to cope with your dental anxiety so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable at your next visit. Your dentist should help their patients feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible from the minute they enter the door, which is crucial to creating an experience of trust for the patient. This can significantly reduce feelings of dental anxiety once the patient feels comfortable and like he can trust their dentist.

1. Scared of the Dentist? Talk About It! 

Another tip that can be helpful if you are scared of the dentist is to talk about it with your dentist. Making them aware of what you are scared about can be helpful for those with dental anxiety. The dentist will then take the time to explain the different steps of your procedure or cleaning so that you know exactly what to expect. 

2. Don’t Skip a Visit to the Dentist 

An important tip for coping with dental anxiety is to attend your regular dental checkups and necessary procedures. The more time that passes between each visit, the more time you have to be nervous about what could possibly go wrong the next time or why you shouldn’t go. Also, the more often you visit the dentist, the more opportunities you have to ask questions to get the clarity and reassurance you need. 

3. Techniques To Help You Loosen Up 

Another idea for what to do if you’re still suffering from dental anxiety is to use relaxation techniques. Some of these techniques are deep breathing, recommended right before a procedure or cleaning. Otherwise, try yoga, meditation or stretching the night before to calm your mind in advance. 

4. Sedation Dentistry Bloomington 

Sedation dentistry can be another solution if you are suffering from dental anxiety. At Whitlock Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry as one of our services.

We are committed to providing you with a stress-free dental experience in a comfortable environment. We recommend sedation dentistry if you have sensitive teeth, need more complex dental treatment, struggle with the smells or noises at the dentist or have trouble getting numb. Working together with you, we create a sedation plan to help you rest easy while we perform your dental care. Because sedation dentistry allows you to relax, we’re able to complete more complex procedures in less visits if need be.

5. Distractions Can Be a Way of Dealing with Dental Anxiety 

Distractions can be another way to cope with dental anxiety. Some dentists suggest bringing headphones with you to listen to music during your cleaning. Others provide noise-canceling headphones so that you don’t have to listen to the noises of the drills while undergoing treatment. Otherwise, some dentist offices have a television in their operating rooms. 

6. Bring a Trusted Person With You 

Another way to cope with your dental anxiety is to bring someone you trust along with you. Bringing a friend, partner or family member can help you feel more relaxed when going through cleaning or an operation. 

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